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It was Tuesday, October 29th, 2019. Amanda went in to work, and upon checking her schedule, she saw she had a men’s haircut booked under a new client: Brian Alestri. This was nothing out of the ordinary, as she was frequently taking new clients. Thinking nothing of it, Amanda went up to greet her next appointment, and to her surprise, he was pretty cute. She took him back to her chair and began her normal consultation, asking him how he liked his hair to be cut and he answered and Amanda got started cutting Brian’s hair. She started small talking with him, and asked him what brought him into the salon, and he replied “your client sent me in to meet you.” Brian was being straight forward, but Amanda was over thinking it in her head, and thought there was no way she was being set up, and he must have just meant it was a referral. The more they talked, Amanda quickly realized that this wasn’t a normal client conversation and it felt a little more personal. It wasn’t until the very end of the appointment, when Brian asked Amanda for her phone number, did she realize that this was, in fact, a set up. Brian called Amanda that night and asked her out on a date. The two went out two nights later and that was the last first date for both of them. They talked over dinner and drinks for nearly 4 hours, and that was the beginning of forever for them. The rest is history!


Amanda and Brian took a long weekend trip to one of their happy places, Nashville, Tennessee. They spent the weekend listening to live music, eating good food, keeping an eye out for a potential Morgan Wallen sighting, and just enjoying each other’s company and being away. As the last night of the trip was nearing the end, Brian walked Amanda over to see the beautiful river all lit up at night. Brian suggested they take a picture together, and proceeded to go ask a perfect stranger if he would do the honors. Little did Amanda know, he had whispered to the man that he was going to propose to her. The man was more than happy to do it, and he and Brian walked back over to Amanda, she handed the kind man her phone, not knowing what was about to happen. Brian told her to get up on the ledge, and Amanda thought Brian was going to get up there with her. She turned her back to him to step up, by the time she turned around, she was shocked to see Brian down on one knee with a ring in his hand, smiling at her. He asked her the most important question he would ever ask her, and she had the easiest answer: YES!

Amanda Brian Proposal | Alson Jewelers


Pear shaped halo, diamonds halfway around band

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