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Alson Chats with Monica Rich Kosann

February 4th, 2018

Monica Rich Kosann | Alson Jewelers

We recently sat down with jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann to talk about her jewelry designs and how she started designing her beautiful lockets.  Monica’s collection of 18K gold and sterling silver lockets, charm bracelets and other fine jewelry started from the idea that every woman has a story to tell.  Her pieces are timeless, yet have a modern and stylish flair that appeal to women of all ages.  Read on for our interview with Monica Rich Kosann.

Where are you from?

New York City, born and raised.

How did you get started designing jewelry?

My brand was really an evolution; I started as a portrait photographer and always considered myself a storyteller. I started to give my clients vintage pieces that they could share with family and friends, display in their home and /or wearit was always filled with photos from our shoots. This evolved into designing lockets that evolved into a full line collection of 18K gold and silver fine jewelry. Storytelling is still at the core of everything I do, each collection from lockets to charm bracelets and poesy’s are designed to tell a woman’s story. 

Monica Rich Kosann Lockets | Alson Jewelers


What was the first piece of jewelry you designed?

A locket of course!

Monica Rich Kosann Locket | Alson Jewelers

What inspires your designs?

 Everything…. Art, travel, fashion, music, people…Life!  I have been antiquing, flea marketing and looking through the Sotheby and Christie’s catalogs since I can remember! I especially love the jewelry from the early 1900’s, so chic and personal. They were pieces of art! I am also always inspired by going to museums and admiring the attitude of women and their jewelry in the paintings, they look so self-assured and mysterious! I especially love the woman and their locketslike they have a secret to share with us. Lockets are sexy!!  My Mom also always wore a charm bracelet and I remember the sound it always made when she walked.

What piece of jewelry do you wear every day?

My charm bracelet

Monica Rich Kosann Charm Bracelet | Alson Jewelers

Who is your style icon?

Danielle and Laura, my two daughters! They keep me “cool.”

What trends do you love right now?  

Anything that is meaningful and sentimental is always on trend!

What was your favorite piece of jewelry when you were sixteen?

I had a wonderful uncle who traveled all over the world for work. He asked me what I wanted him to bring back and innocently I said “rings.”  Well, he was true to his word. He brought me a box of about 25 costume souvenir rings from every city he went to and I cherished every one of them!

Monica Rich Kosann Poesy Collection | Alson Jewelers

What was your first job? 

I was a child model and did this until high school.

Favorite vacation spot?

Paris, Il Pellicano in Italy and our annual ski trips with the family.

Wine or Martini?


Monica Rich Kosann Charm Necklaces | Alson Jewelers

Describe your personal style.

I’m always thinking about what will look good with jewelry…so I have to say modern, eclectic and timeless.  A great Dries jacket with a pair of cropped pants, a monochromatic Row sweater with leather pants, or Zara jeans and a Celine top. I like to mix high and low!

What is the best advice you have received?

It’s my own advice actually… To never give up…Carpe diem!!

Monica Rich Kosann Carpe Diem Collect | Alson Jewelers

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

I want to be like Samantha on Bewitched ???? 

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~Photo at top of page courtesy of Monica Rich Kosann