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Ask Chad and David Schreibman

July 7th, 2019

Chad and David Schreibman of Alson Jewelers | Alson Jewelers

For over 87 years, jewelry has been a passion for the Schreibman family.   Chad and David Schreibman are third generation owners of Alson Jewelers.  As brothers and partners, they are at the helm of the store which has been a fixture in the Cleveland area for decades.  They’re here to answer all your jewelry and watch questions.  Read on for the most commonly asked questions we get at Alson Jewelers.  For more in-depth inquiries and answers, please call Chad, David or any of our expert Sales Associates at 216-464-6767, or email us at

Alson Signature Collection | Alson Jewelers

Q: Do you provide jewelry appraisals?

A: “Yes, we can help with insurance appraisals!  We will provide a detailed description and analysis of your jewelry.  Once you have the appraisal, call your insurance agency.  Armed with the appraisal, the insurance agent will be able to recommend the right policy to fit your needs. Often watch or jewelry insurance can be purchased as an extension of your homeowner’s policy.  Homeowner policies cover items in your home up to a specified dollar amount.  More expensive items like jewelry are guaranteed through scheduled personal property coverage which is an extension that covers specific items.  The sentimental value of your jewelry is priceless, however, you must protect yourself financially. No matter the cost of your engagement or wedding band, an insurance policy is a way of protecting your investment should your jewelry become lost or stolen.”-Chad Schreibman


Q: Can you service my Rolex at your store or do you send it back to Rolex?

A: “Yes, we service Rolex at our store.  We have two on-site master watchmakers who have been trained by Rolex and we are an authorized Rolex repair center. In addition to Rolex, we service nearly all Swiss timepieces. Everyday wear and tear can be hard on watches and the most common item to wear out on any watch is the bracelet. Dirt gets in between the bracelet links, acts an abrasive and causes the bracelet to stretch and wear out. Consider having the bracelet professionally cleaned every six months.” -David Schreibman

Estate Jewelry from The Alson Signature Collection | Alson Jewelers

Q: I’ve inherited a large amount of jewelry from my mother that I’m never going to wear. What should I do with it?

A: “Bring in your pieces and we can discuss your options. Whether your piece is worth repairing or using the diamonds and gemstones to create something new, it’s better to bring an unworn item in rather than let it gather dust at home.  If you prefer to sell the piece, we will inspect it on the spot and write you a check while you are in the store. You may also decide to trade in your piece, and if so, we will give you 30% more as an in-store credit to use on anything at Alson Jewelers.  As always, the process is fast, easy and completely confidential.” -Chad Schreibman

 | Alson Jewelers

Q: When buying a diamond, which of the 4C’s is most important?

A: “Cut is often the least talked about, however, it is the most important of the 4C’s.  It’s the cut of the diamond that gives it its sparkle and beauty. Two diamonds can have the same carat weight, color and clarity and look entirely different due to their cut.  If the diamond is not cut to proper proportions, it will not have the scintillation and brightness that are found in a diamond that has a beautiful cut. ”-David Schreibman

Breitling | Alson Jewelers


Q: Can I wear my water-resistant watch in a Jacuzzi or hot tub?

A: “We do not advise to wear your watch in the hot tub or Jacuzzi as the excessive heat will cause the gaskets to fail. Rinse your watch thoroughly with fresh water after the watch has been immersed in salt water or in a chlorinated swimming pool. Water resistant timepieces will withstand immersion in water up to the depth described by the manufacturer as long as the rubber gaskets in the case, crown and case tube are routinely replaced (usually every other year).” -Chad Schreibman

JB Star | Alson Jewelers

Q: How should I care for my diamond and precious gemstone jewelry?

A: “Your diamond and gemstone jewelry should be cleaned, polished and checked by a professional jeweler for worn mountings, loose prongs and the overall condition at least once per year. Loose prongs may often result in loose gemstones, or may cause the loss of a gemstone. Make sure to have your jewelry professionally examined if your jewelry is damaged to ensure that the gemstones are secure and the structure of the ring is intact.” -David Schreibman

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