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Chad and David Schreibman Answer Your Questions

March 23rd, 2020

Chad and David Schreibman of Alson Jewelers | Alson Jewelers

We hope everyone is staying healthy during this unprecedented time in all of our lives.  Over the course of the last week since temporarily closing our store, we have received many emails and direct messages on jewelry and watch questions.  Since we are all home, we thought it would be helpful (and a momentary escape from the news) to share a few of those Q & A’s with you.

Q. I have a jewelry and watch repair that is at your store.  Is it ok to leave it there?

A. Yes, you can be assured that any jewelry or watch repair of yours that is currently at our store is safe and secure. You will be able to pick it up when we reopen for business.


Q. I wanted to bring my diamond engagement ring in for a cleaning.  How can I safely clean my ring at home?

A. The safest way to clean your ring at home is to use warm water with mild dish soap (Ivory or Joy).  Fill a small bowl or cup with water and soap and then place your ring in it.  Let it soak for 10 minutes and then place it on a soft towel.  Gently brush your ring with a soft bristle toothbrush making sure to brush the area around the mounting where dirt and grime can accumulate. Then rinse your ring with water.  Make sure to place a stopper in the sink so your ring won’t accidentally fall down the drain.


Q.  Are you going to reschedule Wedding Band Weekend?

A.  Yes, Wedding Band Weekend will be rescheduled.  We will announce the new date via email and post on our social media channels.  You can join our mailing list here.


Q. I recently purchased a Tag Heuer watch from your store. While I’m home, I wanted to know if I could wear the watch in my hot tub since it is water resistant.

A. Great question!  We strongly advise to not wear the watch in your hot tub.  The excessive heat will cause the gaskets to fail.


Q. I’ve been cleaning out my closet and came across some jewelry of my grandmother’s that I’m never going to wear.  Do you buy jewelry?

A.  Yes, we buy jewelry and watches.  Once we reopen, stop in for a thorough evaluation.  We will inspect your items on the spot and write you a check while you are in the store.  Another option is to trade-in your pieces. With a trade-in, we will give you 30% more for an in-store credit to use on anything at Alson Jewelers.


We’re here for you, so please continue to reach out to us with any questions at and stay connected to us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Stay safe, stay healthy and thank you for your continued loyalty and support. 

~Chad and David Schreibman