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Diamond Talk

January 10th, 2021

 | Alson Jewelers

We recently sat down to talk about diamonds with Chad and David Schreibman, third generation owners of Alson Jewelers, and Jesse Schreibman, the fourth generation of the Schreibman family to join the family business. We talked about engagement ring trends, the 4C’s and much more.  If you’re thinking about getting engaged or buying a new diamond, this blog is for you!

 | Alson Jewelers

Q. What is the most popular shape diamond in engagement rings right now?

A. Round brilliant is a classic and has always been the most popular, followed by emerald cut.  The oval shape diamond has been gaining in popularity over the last few years and is a beautiful shape diamond for someone who loves the fire and brilliance of a round brilliant, but would like something more unique. ~Chad Schreibman

JB Star | Alson Jewelers

Q: When buying a diamond, which of the 4C’s is most important?

A: Cut is often the least talked about, however, it is the most important of the 4C’s.  It’s the cut of the diamond that gives it its sparkle and beauty. Two diamonds can have the same carat weight, color and clarity and look entirely different due to their cut.  If the diamond is not cut to proper proportions, it will not have the scintillation and brightness that are found in a diamond that has an excellent cut. ~David Schreibman

 | Alson Jewelers

Q. What are some of the biggest trends in engagement rings for 2021? 

A. We’re seeing a few trends right now in bridal that are very exciting.  The two-stone ring is starting to become very popular among soon-to-be-brides who are looking for a very unique ring.  Two different shaped diamonds are set side-by-side.  This type of setting is perfect for the woman who wants to incorporate a diamond that has been passed down from her mother or grandmother.   Another trend we’re seeing is three-stone engagement rings.  This timeless classic features smaller diamonds on either side of the center diamond. ~Jesse Schreibman

Alson Signature Collection 19K White Gold Two-Stone Engagement Ring, Featuring a 1.07ct Princess Cut Diamond, H Color, SI2 Clarity and a .98ct Round Diamond, I Color, SI1 Clarity | Alson JewelersAlson Signature Collection Platinum Three-Stone Engagement Ring, Featuring a 5.52 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond, G Color, VVS2 Clarity, GIA Certified, Accented with 2 Trapezoid Diamonds =1.25ctw, G Color, VS1 Clarity | Alson Jewelers

Q. What does it mean when a diamond is GIA certified?

A. GIA stands for the Gemological Institute of America and they are known for having the strictest grading standards for diamonds.  The GIA Diamond Grading Report includes an assessment of a diamond’s 4Cs – color, clarity, cut, and carat weight – along with a plotted diagram of its clarity characteristics and a graphic representation of the diamond’s proportions. Because our diamonds are all GIA certified, you can feel confident knowing every diamond you are considering is of the highest quality. ~Chad Schreibman

 | Alson Jewelers

Q. What is the biggest difference between a radiant cut and cushion cut diamond?

A. The edges around the diamond are different.  Cushion cuts have rounded corners, where radiant cut diamonds have straight clipped corners which give it a more geometric look.  Both are exquisite! ~David Schreibman

Cushion and radiant Cut | Alson Jewelers


Q. What is the difference in sparkle and brilliance between a brilliant cut diamond and a step cut diamond?  

A. The key difference between the brilliant cut (round, cushion, oval, pear, princess, radiant, marquise and heart), and the step cut (emerald & asscher cut) is the amount of sparkle. Brilliant cuts have maximum sparkle due to the fact that they possess more facets, and the facets are triangular or kite-shaped, giving the diamond a fiery brilliance.  Step cuts have fewer facets, however, they have long rectangular facets creating larger flashes of light. ~Jesse Schreibman 

Alson Signature Collection Engagement Ring | Alson JewelersAlson Signature Collection Engagement Ring | Alson Jewelers

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