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Engagement Ring Trends For 2016

January 17th, 2017

Bez Ambar Engagement Rings | Alson Jewelers

If you’re looking for an engagement ring, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the options.  From a traditional solitaire, to fancy color diamonds or vintage-inspired designs and mixed metal settings, the choices are endless.  We’re going to break down the latest trends in engagement rings to help you find the ring that’s right for you.  Read on and discover the top looks for 2016.

Pear-Shaped and Oval Cut Diamonds

The pear-shape diamond is back in a big way as well as oval-shaped diamonds.  Both cuts have a great deal of brilliance and flash. The pear cut is a combination of the round-brilliant and marquise cut and gives off a great deal of sparkle.  The oval cut diamond has beautiful brilliance similar to a round diamond. The modern oval cut is a fiery cut that reflects light brilliantly. It’s a great choice for someone who loves the sparkle of a round brilliant but desires a less common shape.

Alson Signature Collection Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring Accented with Pear-Shaped Diamonds in Platinum

Alson Signature Collection Pear-Shaped Diamond Enagement Ring | Alson Jewelers

Bez Ambar Three Stone Engagement Ring Featuring Three Oval Diamonds

Bez Ambar Three Stone Oval Engagement Ring | Alson Jewelers


Rose Gold

Rose gold is a hot trend in bridal right now. Many soon-to-be brides are opting for this beautiful hue. It evokes both a warmth and contrast when set against a diamond’s brilliance. An engagement ring set in rose gold is perfect for the bride that wants something romantic and traditional, yet stand out from the crowd.

Precision Set Double Halo Engagement Ring in White and Rose Gold

Precision Set Double Halo Engagement Ring in Rose Gold | Alson Jewelers

Fancy Colored Diamonds

If you’re looking for something that stands out from the crowd, a fancy color diamond in yellow or pink is a wonderful choice. Fancy colored diamonds are elegant and unique and an excellent option for the bride who is looking for something untraditional.

Alson Signature Collection Three Row Ring in Platinum and 18K Rose Gold, Featuring a 1.16 Carat Radiant Pink Diamond

Alson Signature Collection Fancy Pink Diamond Engagement Ring  | Alson Jewelers

Alson Signature Collection Three Stone Micro Pave Engagement Ring in Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold, Featuring a 3.29 Carat Cushion Shaped Fancy Yellow Diamond, Accented with Two Trapezoid Diamonds and Two Hundred Round Diamonds

Alson Signature Collection Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Engagement Ring | Alson Jewelers

Vintage Inspired

Looking for something elegant and timeless?  A vintage inspired ring is the perfect choice!

Penny Preville 18K White Gold Grace Frame Style Engagement Ring with Diamonds with Engraved and Migraine Detail

Penny Greville Engagement with Engraved and Migraine Detail | Alson Jewelers

Colored Gemstones

Many brides are opting for a colored gemstone engagement ring with a sapphire, ruby or emerald.  We’re seeing many celebrities adopting this trend.  Eva Longoria just received a beautiful ruby and diamond ring for her engagement.  This is a great option for the bride who is looking for something unique and looking to make a bold statement

JB Star Platinum Ruby and Diamond Ring Featuring a 2.07 Carat Round Ruby with Round Diamonds

JB Star Ruby and Diamond Ring | Alson Jewelers

Thin Bands

Thin diamond pave bands have become very popular in the last few years.  When you want the diamond to be the focal point, a thin pave diamond band is dainty and shows off the diamond beautifully.

Bez Ambar Equinox Engagement Ring for a Round Diamond, Top Knife Edge Pave Frame and Pave Shank in 18k White Gold

Bez Ambar Round Brilliant Engagement Ring | Alson Jewelers

Double Halo

Why have one diamond halo when you can have two?  The double halo definitely adds the wow factor to any diamond giving it a bigger look.  If you like the look of a halo setting, you’ll love the double halo.

Precision Set Extraordinary Double Cushion Halo with Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring

Precision Set Double Halo Engagement Ring | Alson Jewelers

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~Photo shown at top of page is provided by Bez Ambar.