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Top Spring Picks From Our Team At Alson Jewelers

April 15th, 2021

Alson Jewelers | Alson Jewelers

Spring is in the air and our team at Alson Jewelers is sharing their top picks of the season.  From the latest trends to the classics, these designs are sure to wow! Read on to learn the designs we’re loving for spring!

Alex Lester | Alson Jewelers
Alex Lester Sales Associate <a href=mailtoalesteralsonjewelerscom>alesteralsonjewelerscom<a>

Sapphires are a hot staple for summer.  This Penny Preville bracelet is the perfect pop of color in a classic, yet modern design.

Penny Preville | Alson Jewelers

Anthony Campagne | Alson Jewelers
Anthony Campagne Sales Associate <a href=mailtoACampagnealsonjewelerscom>ACampagnealsonjewelerscom<a>

My pick is the Breitling Endurance Pro.  Both lightweight and casual, it’s the perfect watch for summer and the outdoors.

Breitling Endurance Pro | Alson Jewelers

Laura Cavanaugh | Alson Jewelers
Laura Cavanaugh Sales Associate <a href=mailtolcavanaughalsonjewelerscom>lcavanaughalsonjewelerscom<a>

My pick is the Roberto Coin 17″ Paperclip Link necklace in 18K yellow gold. The perfect necklace to layer with other pieces!

Roberto Coin 18K Yellow Gold 17" Paperclip Link Necklace | Alson Jewelers

Jesse Schreibman | Alson Jewelers
Jesse Schreibman Fourth Generation Jeweler <a href=mailtojessealsonjewelerscom>jessealsonjewelerscom<a>

A cool and fun casual bracelet by John Hardy for spring.  The perfect way to spruce up any outfit!

John Hardy Men | Alson Jewelers's Naga Bronze Bead & Tiger Iron Bead Bracelet

Heather Bucknell | Alson Jewelers
Heather Bucknell Sales Associate <a href=mailtohbucknellalsonjewelerscom>hbucknellalsonjewelerscom<a>

Spring is the time to roll up our sleeves and show off some Roberto Demeglio arm candy!  Edgy and classic at the same time!

Roberto Demeglio Black Ceramic Square Link Stretch Bracelet, Featuring an 18K White Gold Link with Round Diamonds =.67ctw | Alson Jewelers

Chad Schreibman | Alson Jewelers
Chad Schreibman Third Generation Jeweler <a href=mailtochadalsonjewelerscom>chadalsonjewelerscom<a>

As the weather warms up and the flowers begin to bloom, this natural pink diamond ring’s vibrant color will go perfectly with any outfit during the spring season and beyond!

Alson Signature Collection | Alson Jewelers

Cheryl Rubin | Alson Jewelers
Cheryl Rubin Sales Associate <a href=mailtocrubinalsonjewelerscom>crubinalsonjewelerscom<a>

My spring pick is the Marco Bicego Petali Flower necklace.  A nice touch to welcome spring and summer!

Marco Bicego | Alson Jewelers

David Schreibman | Alson Jewelers
David Schreibman Third Generation Jeweler <a href=mailtodavidalsonjewelerscom>davidalsonjewelerscom<a>

These diamond hoop earrings with horizontally set ovals really takes the classic diamond hoop to the next level.  They’re spectacular!

Alson Signature Collection Diamond Hoop Earrings, Featuring Horizontally Set Oval diamonds | Alson Jewelers