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Top Ten Engagement Ring Settings

March 18th, 2013

large diamond rings on white | Alson Jewelers

Are you about to get engaged or are you shopping for an engagement ring?  Have no fears! We have compiled a list of the Top Ten Engagement Ring Settings that you’ll want to know about before you start your ring shopping.  So if you’re looking for a ring that rocks, check out our Top Ten List.

1. Solitaire

Eng Ring Solitaire | Alson Jewelers

A diamond solitaire is a setting with a single diamond.  The most popular diamond shape for a solitaire engagement ring is a round brilliant diamond.  The diamond can be set in a prong, cathedral, bezel or tension setting.  This prong set solitaire ring by Precision Set       is a beautiful look for the bride who wants a classic engagement ring.

2. Cathedral

Eng Ring Cathedral | Alson Jewelers

A cathedral setting is slightly wider and includes arches that frame the mounting.  This ring by Jeff Cooper is a beautiful example of a cathedral setting.

3. Bezel 

Eng Ring Bezel set | Alson Jewelers

A bezel set diamond is a setting where the diamond is completely surrounded by mental and often diamonds.  This bezel set ring by Bez Ambar is a beauty.

4. Tension

Eng Ring Tension | Alson Jewelers

The tension set ring is quite unique.  With this setting, the diamond appears to be floating between the two pieces of metal holding it in place.  This ring by Cordova is perfect for the bride who wants a simple yet unique engagement ring.

5. Halo

Eng Ring Halo | Alson Jewelers

The halo setting surrounds the center diamond with a frame of pave diamonds giving the diamond a bigger look and adding to the overall sparkle of the ring.  This diamond halo engagement ring by Michael B is stunning.

6. Channel 

Eng Ring Channel | Alson Jewelers

Diamonds are set into the groove of the band of the ring in this setting.  Channel set diamonds do not have metal separating them which adds to their radiance and sparkle.  This channel set ring by Jeff Cooper is beautiful.

7. Pave

Eng Ring Pave | Alson Jewelers

Tiny diamonds cover the band in this setting adding extra sparkle to the look of the ring.  This pave setting by Bez Ambar is stunning.

8. Spilt Shank

JB cushion | Alson Jewelers

The split shank mounting has become very popular.  This setting compliments many shape diamonds and features a band where the shank splits from the head of the ring creating the look of two separate bands. This ring by JB Star is gorgeous!

9. Three Stone Setting

Eng Ring 3 stone | Alson Jewelers 

A three stone engagement ring setting is a classic look which features a larger center diamond with two smaller diamonds on either side or three diamonds of equal size.  This three stone ring by Bez Ambar is a knock-out!

10. Classic Engagement Ring with Tapered Baguettes

Eng Tapered Baguettes | Alson Jewelers

A diamond ring with tapered baguettes is one of the most classic and elegant looks in engagement rings.  You will love this style 20 years from now as much as you love it today.  This ring by Norman Silverman is a classic look that will never go out of style.

Which ring is your favorite?  Leave us a comment and share with us.