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Brandon and I met through a mutual friend who introduced us together.


We went on a summer vacation to Disney world and Seaworld September 2019. As I (Cassandra) was outside on the balcony getting ready to begin our day at Seaworld Brandon calls me inside to look at something and as I come inside he is down on one knee talking all these sappy love words I was in shock as I had no idea when we were gonna get engaged all I knew was it was gonna happen one day. He couldn’t wait to do inside one of the theme parks we went to because he didn’t want me to see the bulge in his pocket or to get search. Atleast I got engaged in Florida my favorite place to be.

Cassandra & Brandon 2 | Alson Jewelers


My ring is a classic solitaire round diamond with a diamonds on the band. My wedding band is matching diamonds to the engagement ring.

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