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Back in high school, joe asked Dana’s cousin in their math class “hey do you think I have a shot with your cousin?” Her response was “well maybe!” We were dating for 9 years prior to getting engaged!

We started dating at as kids, but knew it was something special. Joe is a year older than Dana so he left in august of 2013 for Indian University. With many FaceTime calls, texts and surprise visits we pushed through the long distance! It wasn’t easy but it was worth every second.


Dana thought she was going to dinner with her cousin for her cousins birthday which recently passed. Instead of dinner, Joe was waiting under the Westhampton Beach Performing Art Center Theatre with the marquee reading “will you marry me?”

Joe got down on one knee and said “dana you are the greatest joy of my life. Will you marry me?”

The WHBPAC is a special place for us since it is in our hometown and part of our lives since a young age. the night of the proposal, our families had a really special and intimate dinner after the proposal, followed by a weekend of celebrating with family and friends!

Dana & Joe Proposal | Alson Jewelers


It is a radiant cut diamond with pave diamonds on the band and a hidden halo

Dana & Joe Ring Box | Alson Jewelers