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Erika-joshua2 | Alson Jewelers


In early 2012, on a cold and snowy afternoon, Erika walked into an unassuming meeting room on Cleveland’s east side to interview for the position of SEO Intern at a Cleveland marketing firm; a position she eventually accepted. At the end of the interview, her future manager asked her to for one last test: the high-five test. With a smile on her face, Erika reached back with her right hand and swiftly began to thrust it forward. Her interviewer mirrored her and when their hands collided it was a smack that was so loud it was heard on the floor below. Joshua pulled his hand down, red and stinging, and nursed it back to health for 40 minutes. He knew that Erika just aced her job interview. He did not know that almost 5 years later he would be asking her to marry him.


Joshua had to get out of the house without Erika. Both work from home as digital marketers so free time is easy to come by. He knew that he needed to find some mundane and unassuming task to steal 40 minutes to bring to close a long list of lies he had been telling Erika. He needed to sneak away to get the ring she didn’t know existed and end the lies that had to be told to bring it to life. “I have to go buy pants,” Joshua told her casually and nonchalantly. Erika thought to herself, “do I need to go with him so he doesn’t get something awful and ill-fitting,” but before she could offer her help, Joshua was out the door and pulling out of the driveway. A firm handshake and bag exchange later and the secret ring rest snugly in Joshua’s pocket. When he got home Joshua declared, “We should take the dogs for a walk in the park.” “I have a meeting in an hour and a half,” Erika said not knowing what her boyfriend had in store. “It will be fine, trust me.” They each changed, put harnesses on the dogs, loaded them into the car and drove off into a brewing storm of sleet and rain. Almost unable to contain his nervous excitement, Joshua looked over and asked, “So do you think we’ll see anything amazing today?” “Eh, I’m not sure,” said Erika hesitantly. This is odd. She almost always thought we would see something amazing. “I’m going to say no this time.” “Interesting. Well then, just to be contrarian, I will say yes. In fact, I will guarantee a yes.” “Oh really,” said Erika incredulously. “And what if you’re wrong?” “Well then I’ll give you a backrub later.” Once at the park, the two stepped out into a sleeting sky while the dogs excitedly tugged at their leashes. “COME ON,” the dogs seemed to say as they pulled. “THE WOODS WONT BE THERE IF WE DON’T HURRY.” Once the dogs’ excitement level had died down Joshua looked over at Erika and said “So, the dogs and I have a question for you.” “Haha, oh yeah,” Erika asked. “What question is that?” Without hesitation, Joshua bent down dropping his right knee on a wet and muddy trail. “Will you marry me?” Overcome with emotion, Erika buried her face in her hands and began to sob. The dogs pulled at the leashes wanting to press on forward with their walk. “Babe, you’re gonna need to answer,” Joshua said jokingly. “YES,” Erika exclaimed with tears running down her face. Joshua stood up, the dogs led the two forward, and now their wintry path continues forward into tomorrow.

Erika-joshua-ring | Alson Jewelers


One carat round cut flanked on either side by quarter carrot half moon diamonds. The three stones are surrounded by a single halo.