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We met our sophomore year of college at Kent State University. I had just transferred to Kent from Charleston, West Virginia, and my friends from high school who also went to Kent were throwing a house party. I was commuting at the time, and I remember seeing Erin at the party and thinking “wow, she’s beautiful.” I asked my friend Nick who she was, and he knew Erin from living on the same floor as her and her friends freshman year! He introduced us to each other, and we proceeded to match up in a game of flip-cup, in which she beat me every time. I asked her if she wanted to be my pong partner, and, despite being open about not being good at pong, she agreed to play!

From that moment on we started hanging out, and when she went to study abroad, I visited her in Florence, Italy. We visited Florence, Venice, and Rome on that trip! We went out one night in Florence to celebrate my birthday, although it wasn’t actually my birthday yet, and that night I asked Erin to be my girlfriend!


We had planned a trip to Colorado to go skiing and snowboarding at Winter Park Ski Resort. That Saturday we decided to do a snowmobiling tour that took us through the Continental Divide, Arapaho National Forest, and to the very top of the Corona Bowl. We were close to 13,000ft elevation, standing on the peak of a mountain. I asked Erin to turn around so I could take a picture of her looking out on the mountains, and when she turned around I was down on one knee! She had to do a double-take, thinking I took the picture from a weird angle, before immediately bursting into tears and saying “yes!” Other people a the peak started cheering and clapping, and we brought champagne to celebrate! Everything worked out PERFECTLY!

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Precision set 18-karat white gold new aire petite oval halo set engagement ring, featuring a center oval diamond, and accented with 40 round diamonds.

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