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We met in college through leading student organizations that collaborated together for events.


As part of Giselle’s early birthday group trip to Greece, I secretly planned with her sorority sisters to convince her to go to a group brunch while in Santorini. At the same time, I worked with a local proposal planner to rent a private balcony overlooking the sea that we would go to before brunch. When we arrived, the proposal planner acted as a hostess and escorted us to a large wooden door that would open up to the private balcony. I opened the door to reveal a romantic set up of flowers, candles and music to her complete surprise. After the proposal, we went to a nearby art and wine gallery to have brunch in an old wine cellar.

Giselle Jason | Alson Jewelers


Solitare diamond with platinum prongs on half pave yellow gold band.

Giselle Jason Ring | Alson Jewelers