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Hannah and Brandon lived in the same apartment building and met walking their dogs. Hannah had just moved into the apartment building the same week she met Brandon. They kept running into each other on their dog walks for a couple weeks making small talk. One night, Hannah came home and saw a huge spider in her bedroom. It was 10pm at night and Hannah only knew Brandon in the complex. They had only had a few conversations and barely knew each other. Naturally, Hannah knocked on Brandon’s apartment door and asked him to come over and kill the spider. Brandon was surprised to see Hannah knocking on his door so late at night, but agreed to kill the spider. Hannah offered Brandon vegan ice cream to thank him for rescuing her from the spider. After they both realized the ice cream tasted terrible, they laughed and started chatting and exchanged phone numbers. The rest is history.

Hannah Brandon Dog | Alson Jewelers


Brandon surprised Hannah at the park next to their apartment complex where they had first met. The park had a beautiful gazebo on a lake. He put candles all around the gazebo. Brandon had a beautiful speech that he wrote for Hannah. Hannah said what Brandon wrote was magical. He got down on knee and asked Hannah to marry him. Of course, she said “YES”! Hannah was excited that she was going to marry "the boy next door"!


Brandon and Hannah designed the ring together with her cousin Jesse’s help and expertise. Hannah knew she wanted a vintage design that was very unique. The center Diamond and baguettes on the ring are from Hannah’s grandma. The diamonds have been in Hannah’s family for many generations.

Hannah Brandon Ring | Alson Jewelers