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Hannah Jacob Wedding | Alson Jewelers

Jacob and I first crossed paths in the 4th grade. Back then, we were merely acquaintances. It wasn’t until the 7th grade that we started to be friends and eventually it grew to be something more. As we grew up, we experienced some of our most formative years together. When it was time to go to college, we were fortunate enough to both go to the same undergrad and graduate schools (Texas A&M and Cornell). It was our first winter in upstate New York when Jacob proposed after dating for 10 years. On May 12, 2023, our 12th anniversary of dating, Jacob and I got married back home in Texas surrounded by all of our favorite people.


After graduating from Cornell, we moved to Ohio for Jacob’s new job at Cleveland Clinic. We were looking for a reputable and family-owned jeweler who we could trust in creating our wedding bands. After some googling, we found Alson and since the first time we walked through the store, we knew this would be our new family jeweler. Alex did the most perfect job spending multiple Saturdays showing us different wedding band options to make sure we picked the most perfect rings. Alex also helped us picking out Jacob’s wedding day gift, a Rolex. It was truly such a wonderful experience and one that we cannot be more happy about. Our wedding bands and Jacob’s watch turned out perfectly.

Hannah Jacob Ring | Alson Jewelers
Hannah Jacob Watch | Alson Jewelers