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A mutual friend of ours set us up for a date party in college, at Ohio State.


We planned a vacation to Punta Cana. There was an event at the resort later that evening, and I told Jamie it was on the beach and we should go. Jamie wanted to get pictures on the beach beforehand, but little did she know I had a photographer already waiting for us. When we arrived at the beach she saw the photographer and asked if we should have him take our picture. As she went to go look at the photographer, I got down on one knee and she turned around and said yes!

Jamie and David Proposal | Alson Jewelers


5-stone ring, with the center stone being from her mom’s original engagement ring and side stones from her great grandma. The band is 18K white gold and a platinum mounting.

Jackie also helped design a custom made necklace and earrings made with the blue sapphires from my grandma's ring.

Jackie also worked with me to help me obtain Tyler's dream watch, a Rolex Explorer 2 with the white dial.

Jamie and David Ring | Alson Jewelers