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I was introduced to my fiancé Andrew by a mutual friend!


It started out as an average Monday night. Andrew had just stepped outside to get something from the car. While he was out, I started cooking dinner and had to move a bunch of stuff off the counter to get more space. This is when I noticed the Alson ring box. I was so confused. I thought “how could Andrew be so careless?!” At this time, Andrew was still outside. I was sure he was frantically looking for the ring box, thinking he had misplaced it! Finally when he came back inside, I immediately pointed to the area where the box was and said “ya know, you should really put that in a safer place.” He cracked a smile and said, “Bashert ( the Yiddish word for “soulmate”), I just got off the phone with your mom… I asked her for her permission to marry you. You were supposed to find that box.” I was still so disoriented and confused. I responded with “wait… what? Are you proposing to me right now?” He then grabbed the box and got down on one knee. Completely caught off guard, he preceded the proposal with the most beautiful words and then popped the question! It was the most surreal moment of my life. When he opened the box, I was floored by how stunning the ring was. (It’s the ring of my dreams!) The whole experience could not have been more authentic and intimate. Andrew and I knew almost from day one that this was it for us. Nonetheless, I could have never expected this perfect proposal.

Jasmine & Rausch | Alson Jewelers


Round brilliant stone with a cushion halo done in platinum and a rose gold diamond band.

Jasmine & Rausch 2 | Alson Jewelers