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Do you have a diamond ring, gold jewelry piece or a Swiss watch that you no longer wear? What about a piece that you inherited that is out of style? At Alson Jewelers, we can either buy those pieces from you or you can trade them in for something different.

Some people have thousands of dollars of jewelry or watches sitting in drawers at home, and they aren’t even aware it’s worth that much. Whether your piece is worth repairing or using the diamonds and gemstones to create something new, it’s better to bring an unworn item in rather than let it gather dust at home.

If you prefer to sell the piece, we will inspect it on the spot and write you a check while you are in the store. You may also decide to trade in your piece, and if so, we will give you 30% more as an in-store credit to use on anything at Alson Jewelers.  As always, the process is fast, easy and completely confidential.

If you have unworn jewelry pieces that are broken, out of style or out of date, simply bring them into the store and walk out with more modern jewelry that you will actually wear or extra money in your pocket.