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If there is a stone missing from your favorite bracelet, a loose prong on your engagement ring or the chain on your diamond necklace is broken, we can help! Whether it’s a simple or an elaborate fix, Alson Jewelers handles all types of custom jewelry repairs in Cleveland, Ohio. As a true one-stop-shop, our master jeweler will repair your family heirloom or create a beautiful custom piece just for you. Our jeweler can also inspect your piece, especially if you wear it every day, to ensure its soundness. All of our jewelry repairs are completed onsite in our Cleveland, Ohio repair studio so you can feel confident that your jewelry will remain safe and in good, professional hands.

Our jewelry repair specialties include:

Ring sizing

If you have a piece that doesn’t quite fit right anymore, our jeweler can first help you determine your correct size and professionally size your ring up or down so that it fits you perfectly.

Stone replacement and resetting

Missing a gemstone or a diamond from your favorite piece? Our jeweler can replace or reset stones or use your loose stones to create a beautiful custom piece.

Prong work

With time, the prongs on your jewelry can become weakened or worn out from general wear and tear. A weak or missing prong can cause your diamond or gemstone to fall out of the setting – both expensive and heartbreaking. Our jeweler can spot bent, broken, weak or missing prongs and strengthen or replace them to ensure the soundness of your ring, earrings, necklace or bracelet.

Chain and bracelet soldering

Unfortunately, delicate chains can break over time. Our jeweler can replace or repair broken chains, clasps or closures making your favorite bracelet or necklace wearable and looking like new again.

Refinishing and polishing

With a little attention, we can have your jewelry sparkling just like the day you got it! We offer both refinishing and polishing options where we buff out any scratches and restore the finish to look just like the original.

Replacing earring backs or clasps

If you’ve lost an earring back or have a broken earring clasp, come and see our jeweler. We can replace or repair the earring back or clasp ensuring it matches the original perfectly.


Want to make your jewelry or a gift extra special? Consider getting it engraved! We specialize in monogramming and engraving pieces, giving them a more personalized feel.

Pearl re-stringing

After a while, the string that holds pearl bracelets and necklaces together can become weak and can break. We specialize in re-stringing pearl jewelry and inspecting clasps so they don’t break.

If you have any sort of jewelry repair, chances are we can help. Stop in for yourself and experience all of the services our jewelry repair shop in Cleveland, Ohio has to offer!