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Jason and I worked over a year together before we both went out with mutual coworkers and finally got the courage to ask me out. We both talked about our love of our dogs. I asked him if he wanted to meet up in the park for a walk with the dogs and he said, “how about dinner?” We went to dinner 1 week later and charmed me with his knowledge and love of California wines. 6 years later, our love of travel, wine and our dogs are just a few of many things we still love to enjoy with each other.


It was just a normal Monday. Jason had finished a 24 hour call in the morning and I had both of my dogs at my house. He had told me to bring the dogs over and he would make us dinner.

So I brought the dogs over and he immediately told me he forgot to get the Parmesan cheese. Despite being annoyed because he could have told me 2 minutes earlier, I walked over to the grocery. Roughly 10 minutes later, I was back and went to open the door and it was locked. Confused as to why it was, I knocked. Jason opened the door slightly and told me to come in. Still confused, I walked through the front door and he turned me around. He hugged me and said, “Jill I want to spend my whole life with you”. Not really knowing what was happenening, he turned me toward the kitchen table where there were all of our favorite recently bought Napa wines all lined up with the letters spelling “Will you marry me?” I started crying and Jason opened the Alson box that was sitting on the table next to the wine. Of course the box was empty! I was yet again annoyed because I could hear him saying, “the ring is coming…” but he didn’t! He called his dog over, got down on one knee and untied the ring from around his neck. He thanked him for always being his wing man and then asked me to marry him. I’m not sure if I even got the word YES out but he knew by my tears that, yes I did want to marry him! Staring at my new beautiful ring, he poured us a bottle of wine from our first winery we visited together.

Jillian and Jason (2) | Alson Jewelers


Petite Precision Set four prong band in platinum with a round brilliant diamond.

Jillian and Jason (3) | Alson Jewelers