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Kayla has basically been an honorary member of the Bucknell household for years! Michael and Kayla have been best friends since middle school and growing up with this family has been the biggest blessing to her. Grandma Bonnie always said that Kayla would end up with one of the Bucknell brothers someday… and here we are! Brandon is 4 years older than Kayla so growing up, she never really knew him. Back in the summer of 2018, Brandon was in need of a wedding date to Jamaica and had no idea who to take. It was no question to Heather and Todd to ask Kayla, since she has tagged along on many summer vacations with them in Tennessee and know that she is the life of any party! The Jamaica trip was priceless! They got to know each other, shared many laughs and drinks and started a new friendship. Fast forward to June 2020 and the question was finally asked as to why Kayla was showing up to Bucknell family functions WITH Brandon all the time… I think they both realized that everything just felt easy and right together and it was a no brainer that they make a great team. It’s funny how the most unexpected things can turn out to be something amazing!


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Engagement: This story is LONG overdue! It was Brandon’s 30th birthday on October 24th, 2021 and he legitimately slept all day long. (The nerves were definitely getting to him!) When he woke up, he told Kayla to make sure she had something nice on, as we would be taking family pictures. Fast forward to after dinner where Kayla was grading papers in the dining room. It was time for birthday cake and Heather told Kayla she needed to sit by Brandon so she could help him blow out his birthday candles. When the cake was taken out of the box, it shockingly did not say “Happy Birthday Brandon”, but rather “Happy Engagement Kayla & Brandon!” Kayla turned to face Brandon, but he was behind her on one knee surrounded by members from both of their families. It was the absolute best evening ever and a total surprise!

Wedding: Alson Jewelers is such a special place to us, as Brandon’s mom, Heather, has worked there for 11 years and Grandma Bonnie retired after working there for 20 years. We couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for our wedding bands! The entire staff is incredible. We had the pleasure of working with both Heather and Jill and had the most memorable experience during Wedding Band Weekend! Kayla and Brandon were married at Windows on the River on June 24th, 2023. It was the most perfect day!

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Brandon proposed with the most beautiful ring that belonged to his great grandmother. It is an heirloom antique including a 1 1/2 carat round mine cut diamond set in original platinum mounting with 2 diamonds on each side.
Kayla’s wedding band has 7 round diamonds set in platinum. Brandon’s wedding band is an 8mm wide white gold bevel and high polished band.

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