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Lauren and Paul met their senior year in high school. When they parted ways for college, they would write letters to each other. In one letter Paul wrote, “I will find you when we are 26 and propose.” Paul kept his promise knowing Lauren would always be the one for him. The rest is history!


Lauren thought she was going to a surprise photoshoot for her Grandmother’s 80th birthday on the beach. The photographer started taking photos of Lauren and her sister, Allie to throw her off guard. Once Paul came into the photos, she was told to turn her back for a photo. When Lauren turned around, Paul was on one knee! Both families were watching the engagement from the balcony and they joined the happy couple on the beach following a beautiful dinner together.

Lauren & Paul Proposal | Alson Jewelers


Elongated Radiant with tapered baguettes.

Lauren & Paul Alson | Alson Jewelers