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We met on a dating app (Hinge) during Covid. For our first date, we met at the Popcorn Shop in Chagrin Falls and talked for hours in Riverside Park by the falls.


On 12/11/21, with a couple of our good friends, we went to Chagrin Falls to walk around and grab lunch. When we approached Riverside Park, there were several Christmas Trees set up for the Holiday, decorated beautifully – which made great cover for our families to hide behind. As we approached, there was a small tent set up to cover us from the rain that was expected all day (the rain held off for us!). As Leia started noticing our families appear from the trees, I was already bringing her over to the tent and it all started making sense! I told her, “You know how everything happens for a reason, and because of Covid, we were able to meet. I love the way you smile, the way you always sneeze more than once, the way we compliment each other.” As I pulled the ring out to pop the real question, she had already realized why we were there, and nobody has ever answered a question faster than she did! Afterwards, we went to lunch with our family and friends to celebrate!


Leia & Jared Proposal | Alson Jewelers


Platinum diamond ring, featuring one pear-shaped center diamond heirloom from Leia’s mother, accented with 82 round diamonds set in a halo design and along a twisted, split shank band.

Leia & Jared Ring | Alson Jewelers