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Lindsay & Eric | Alson Jewelers


A mutual friend decided to play matchmaker one day, and it worked! Eric and I met up on West 25th Street for a blind date that lasted 8 hours. There was clearly something there.


It’s not what other women will swoon over, but he was so sweet and sincere. Crawling into bed after a long day, Eric, looking incredibly giddy, blurted out “do you want your ring?” He ran out of the room, came back with the ring. He knelt beside the bed, told me he loved me and asked me to marry him. How could that not turn your day around?

Ring | Alson Jewelers


We went nontraditional with the engagement ring. I didn’t want a large center diamond. I’ve met several women in my life who only wore wedding bands, and it struck me as beautiful. We set out to find a gorgeous band. We found a beautiful JB Star eternity band at Alson’s. It has alternating round and emerald cut diamonds. It’s simple, but still sparkles beautifully. On July 23, 2016 it became my wedding band.