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John and I both attended the University of Pittsburgh for our undergraduate career. We were a year apart with over 100 friends in mutual. Yet, we never met! It took moving to Cleveland for separate reasons and a coffee post a sweaty spin class to meet. Four years later, we own a home, a fur baby & now are engaged as of 1/1/21!

John & Marie's Proposal | Alson Jewelers


John & I were supposed to go to Switzerland in the May of 2020. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to Covid. Later, John admitted that it was during that trip that he was going to propose. Seeing as we had replanned our trip to hopefully go in August of 2021, I figured the engagement would be postponed until then too. This past holiday season we drove to Florida, where I’m from, to spend Christmas with my family & New Years with my childhood best friend. Little did I know that John had been in contact with my sisters and best friend planning a new proposal for months! On Friday 1/1/21 we had planned for s’mores on the beach. Something casual where I could have worn sweats…. well good thing I didn’t!! John had planned a surprise dinner on the beach with photographers to capture the moment of him proposing! I was so surprised and touched by every detail of planning – down to the table scape. Looking back on the trip now I could see some moments that were initially puzzling but now make sense! Like how I accidentally ended up signing for my ring and how John had mysteriously disappeared after the fedex box had arrived. Later he revealed how he had locked himself in the sauna to open it. Anyway, it was amazing and surprising and everything was perfect – including the ring!


John worked for awhile with Heather to make my DREAM ring come true. There is not one thing I would change. It is perfect – a narrow platinum band with a 2.02 ct pear shaped diamond. I catch myself staring at it all the time through the day.

John & Marie's Proposal | Alson Jewelers