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Megan and I had close mutual friends for a long time, but somehow it took years for us to meet. One of her best friends from high school and my best friends from college (who I lived with at the time) are dating. Megan had even been to my apartment several times, but somehow we never crossed paths. Finally, my roommates had a party in June of 2020 where we officially met. We bounced around the party and talked here and there, and later in the night bonded over a Harry Potter sorting hat quiz. After the party, I texted Megan’s friend asking for her phone number. I composed a creative text, acting like I was reaching out from the Harry Potter quiz we had taken. It was so convincing that she had no idea it was me. 24 hours went by with no response, and I finally texted (again) making it clear that it was not the Harry Potter quiz, and in fact, just a joke that fell flat. We went on a date not long after in Central Park. We shared a bottle of white wine and the conversation was effortless. From there, we walked to a Mexican restaurant where we lost track of time over dinner, and Megan nearly missed her train home. I quickly hailed a cab and took her to the platform, where she accidentally said “love you, bye!” in a rush to catch the train. As you can imagine, the rest is history.


Megan Ryan Proposal | Alson Jewelers

I knew I I wanted to marry Ryan. There are countless moments where I knew he would be the person I would spend the rest of my life with. I made a habit of jokingly asking when he planned on proposing and was not subtle about sending funny memes and tiktoks of weddings and rings. It became a running joke in our friend group. It’s also important to note that I hate surprises and consider myself to be very observant…I’ve guessed my birthday present correctly three years in a row and ruin the surprise every time. Despite my relentless nature, Ryan truly swept me off my feet and caught me off guard the day he proposed. If I’m being honest, I was picking up on little things throughout the summer that led me to believe it was happening soon. However, the week leading up to the proposal really threw me for a loop. All of our closest friends were posting pictures of themselves out of town and our families were acting so nonchalant, I convinced myself this wasn’t the weekend. We had plans to celebrate our 3 year anniversary as we always do, reminiscing over a bottle of wine in Central Park. The morning of we decided to head to the park early as the weather forecast was showing signs of rain in the afternoon. At the park, we fell into our normal flow of conversation until he interrupted me mid sentence and got down on one knee. This is when I completely blacked out. He asked and I said nothing…I just cried. Then my two best friends appeared out of nowhere with a photographer to capture the moment and as you could have guessed… more tears. The pictures truly capture the authenticity of the moment, ugly crying and over-cheesing. After taking some pictures, we made our way back into New Jersey where our families and friends were waiting. I was once again surprised by all of the people who came from near and far to celebrate with us. It was the most perfect day and night, down to every detail…including the weather as it never ended up raining!


Elegant and timeless. Simple gold band. Marquise cut diamond. Low cathedral setting with platinum prongs.

Megan Ryan Ring | Alson Jewelers