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We met up for dinner after having texted back and forth and finding we had a lot of shared life experiences. After 5 minutes of talking we could tell there was a spark and we sat there for hours sharing and bonding over stories until we realized there was no longer anyone in the restaurant and the serving staff started vacuuming the dining room all around us. After leaving the first night we both knew we would see each other again at some point. From then on David always came up with fun date night ideas and we’d meet up once a week and close down every every place we went to for the next 4 months until we finally made it official. The rest has been history!


David works downtown and walks through the arcade most days when he goes to lunch. He thought it would be the most picture perfect place for a proposal. We were supposed to meet our moms for lunch downtown before showing them the new house we bought, and as we walked through the arcade to meet them, David got down on one knee to propose.

Nicole David Proposal | Alson Jewelers


David customized the most perfect ring. He chose an oval center stone and two side trillions and worked with Alex to get the proportions perfect! the original ring we saw had yellow gold prongs but he chose to change them out for white gold to make the diamond sparkle even more!

Nicole David Ring | Alson Jewelers