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We met in Cleveland at our mutual friend Arielle Miller’s wedding. We have always known of each other due to us both growing up in Cleveland. We would occasionally see one another here and there when we both lived and worked in New York City.


Rachel planned to fly home to Cleveland to surprise Jesse for his Birthday. Jesse found out about her plan, and decided to pull out a surprise of his own! The day before Rachel planned to come to Cleveland Jesse flew to New York City where Rachel currently lives. While she was at work, Jesse decorated her apartment with candles, flowers, rose pedals, and pictures that he framed of the two of them. When Rachel opened up the door and saw Jesse there, she was totally surprised and shocked! In a good way!

Rachel & Jesse Proposal | Alson Jewelers


I proposed with a Jesse Schreibman custom creation featuring an elongated radiant cut diamond, accented with with epaulette diamonds. The engagement ring also features a hidden diamond halo.

Rachel & Jesse Ring | Alson Jewelers